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‘Tis the Season

In light of the Holiday season, I wanted to write about ways that the community could help make the Holidays more enjoyable for those in need. Forget about Santa and buying expensive presents. There are people right around the corner from our neighborhoods that could use a meal or a warm coat. Also, Hurricane Sandy came awfully close to the Holidays and it left thousands without power, food, or shelter. We need to act quick! The main thing I found challenging was sticking to the point. I found myself going on and on about needy people and the holidays, but at first I failed to inform them HOW they can get involved. I finally figured out my blunder and tried to change it, but I am worried I might not be as clear as I wanted to. I actually loved writing a press release, though. Once I learned the right writing format, I was golden. I felt like I actually wrote for my local paper, and it was pretty cool. I tried my hardest (although it wasn’t always easy) to really take on the PR view and try to sell this idea to my reader. Hopefully, I succeeded. 


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