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Black Friday @ Wally World


This article is an example of GREAT PR. First of all, it’s about Walmart’s deals for Black Friday. It’s crazy to me that they already have these deals advertised. It just makes people more insane. I think it would be cool to NOT disclose the deals so that everyone is surprised on Black Friday. Moving on, this article is saying how great the deals at Walmart are. Whoever wrote this must definitely be a Walmart fan. I’ve seen a few of the deals at Target, but not a news article on Yahoo! about it. People will see these deals and flock to Walmart in hopes for the best price. Apparently, there will be a TV going for $78….which is INSANE! Overall, I think it was wise for Walmart to advertise about a week in advance because people KNOW the deals that they will be getting and will be planning their Black Friday shopping around their trip to Walmart. 


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