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Whoever made videos was a pure genius. Everything comes to life and you are able to watch it over again and again. In my life, videos usually consist of home videos that I like to bust out just to embarrass myself and my family. They are 20 plus years old and still working like they are brand new. That is the amazing power of video. Also, I wouldn’t consider myself a YouTube junkie, but I like to search for different TV shows, movie scenes, or funny skits occasionally. It’s nice to know that if I miss a vital part of my primetime show, I am able to go online and watch it for free. I think video can in some ways be superior to print because of the animation. In print, I see a lifeless picture, but in video, the character comes to life, moves, dances, talks, etc. The character is able to reach the viewer in ways that print never will. 



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