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What I’ve Learned…

When it really came time for me to focus on my major for college, I picked communications, and I’m sure glad I did. Communications is one of the most interesting topics to learn about. Communication will never cease. We went from communicating by sending “snail mail” to now having instant connections on Skype and FaceTime. The thing I most enjoyed about this class was the different tracks that each one of us took. Mine happened to be PR and it really made me have a better understand of what Public Relations really is. It also helped me excel in my actual PR class that I am taking this semester. I learned that PR is much more than advertising. It is the WHY behind the advertising. I enjoyed putting this PR track to use during our different assignments. I think my most favorite assignment came in Module 5-Mass Communication Through The Internet. I use the internet every single day. Most people do. It still amazes me what the internet can do. I can watch videos and TV shows that I might have missed earlier with just one click of a button. For this assignment, I created a website about an upcoming musical in my city. I loved the challenge of creating the page and also “selling” the show on my website. I couldn’t just put a picture up with a phrase. I had to describe the show and really sell it to my viewers. That’s what PR is like. This class definitely gave me a better understanding of the work that PR firms do. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and honing my communications skills. 


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