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What I’ve Learned…

When it really came time for me to focus on my major for college, I picked communications, and I’m sure glad I did. Communications is one of the most interesting topics to learn about. Communication will never cease. We went from communicating by sending “snail mail” to now having instant connections on Skype and FaceTime. The thing I most enjoyed about this class was the different tracks that each one of us took. Mine happened to be PR and it really made me have a better understand of what Public Relations really is. It also helped me excel in my actual PR class that I am taking this semester. I learned that PR is much more than advertising. It is the WHY behind the advertising. I enjoyed putting this PR track to use during our different assignments. I think my most favorite assignment came in Module 5-Mass Communication Through The Internet. I use the internet every single day. Most people do. It still amazes me what the internet can do. I can watch videos and TV shows that I might have missed earlier with just one click of a button. For this assignment, I created a website about an upcoming musical in my city. I loved the challenge of creating the page and also “selling” the show on my website. I couldn’t just put a picture up with a phrase. I had to describe the show and really sell it to my viewers. That’s what PR is like. This class definitely gave me a better understanding of the work that PR firms do. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and honing my communications skills. 



Here is my attempt at a writing a short broadcast. Hope you enjoy!

“Good Evening, I’m Elizabeth Mancuso. (And I’m Harry Smith). 

While some are out shopping and enjoying the sights of the Holiday Season, George Mason, the Vice President for First Trust Bank is trying to pick up the pieces of what was formerly known as his home. Three engines fought the blaze for over an hour and firemen were relieved to find that nobody was in the house at the time of the fire. The house is located in the subdivision of Woodland Lake. No word yet if the fire did any damage to surrounding homes. The only injury from this incident took place when a photographer my his by falling timbers as he tried to capture the blaze. He was treated for minor cuts at the local hospital. No word yet from George Mason himself.”

Hope this made sense. I try to watch the news as much as I can so I tried to somewhat sound like my local news anchors!


Whoever made videos was a pure genius. Everything comes to life and you are able to watch it over again and again. In my life, videos usually consist of home videos that I like to bust out just to embarrass myself and my family. They are 20 plus years old and still working like they are brand new. That is the amazing power of video. Also, I wouldn’t consider myself a YouTube junkie, but I like to search for different TV shows, movie scenes, or funny skits occasionally. It’s nice to know that if I miss a vital part of my primetime show, I am able to go online and watch it for free. I think video can in some ways be superior to print because of the animation. In print, I see a lifeless picture, but in video, the character comes to life, moves, dances, talks, etc. The character is able to reach the viewer in ways that print never will. 


It’s Always a White Christmas In Central NY!



My track for this class is Public Relations so I thought it would be interesting if I created an actual webpage for this assignment. I decided to write about an upcoming play in my area called White Christmas. I am actually going to the play and I’ve been on the website and I think it could use some work so I decided to recreate it and make it a little more festive. I have a pretty crazy holiday imagination so coming up with the information and wording wasn’t too challenging. The only obstacle that I ran into was actually creating the web page. I’ve never done it before, so I wanted to make sure everything looked just right and stayed on the path of public relations. I added a lengthy paragraph plus various picture, a video, and directions. I wanted to be as informative as possible, yet not boring. I enjoyed writing for the web because I was able to use animation, color, pictures, etc. When I wrote the press release, it seemed cold and boring. The web allows our imaginations to run wild and we can become so much more animated than print articles.

Here is the link to my page:http://whitechristmas2012.webs.com


Black Friday @ Wally World


This article is an example of GREAT PR. First of all, it’s about Walmart’s deals for Black Friday. It’s crazy to me that they already have these deals advertised. It just makes people more insane. I think it would be cool to NOT disclose the deals so that everyone is surprised on Black Friday. Moving on, this article is saying how great the deals at Walmart are. Whoever wrote this must definitely be a Walmart fan. I’ve seen a few of the deals at Target, but not a news article on Yahoo! about it. People will see these deals and flock to Walmart in hopes for the best price. Apparently, there will be a TV going for $78….which is INSANE! Overall, I think it was wise for Walmart to advertise about a week in advance because people KNOW the deals that they will be getting and will be planning their Black Friday shopping around their trip to Walmart. 


Let me break my day down for you:

When I wake up in the morning, I open by phone and begin to go on my apps: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, People.com. I then go to work and when I’m bored, I go on those same apps. After my day is done, I go on those apps again and even surf the internet for various things that come to mind. Needless to say, I’m kind of an internet junkie. While I watch TV, I am constantly checking the web for different articles about that person or show that I am watching. 

Although I love the internet and sometimes feel as though I could not live without it, I would love a break for about a month. For this to happen, I would need someone to force me. There is no way I could just not click open my Facebook app each day from my own free will. I’d need to be accountable. And right about now, I feel like some sort of addict!

The only problem with no internet for a month is that I would get some pretty horrible grades in my classes if I just didn’t participate for an entire month!!!

‘Tis the Season

In light of the Holiday season, I wanted to write about ways that the community could help make the Holidays more enjoyable for those in need. Forget about Santa and buying expensive presents. There are people right around the corner from our neighborhoods that could use a meal or a warm coat. Also, Hurricane Sandy came awfully close to the Holidays and it left thousands without power, food, or shelter. We need to act quick! The main thing I found challenging was sticking to the point. I found myself going on and on about needy people and the holidays, but at first I failed to inform them HOW they can get involved. I finally figured out my blunder and tried to change it, but I am worried I might not be as clear as I wanted to. I actually loved writing a press release, though. Once I learned the right writing format, I was golden. I felt like I actually wrote for my local paper, and it was pretty cool. I tried my hardest (although it wasn’t always easy) to really take on the PR view and try to sell this idea to my reader. Hopefully, I succeeded.