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This has got to be one of my favorite print artifacts. I might not be getting the current news or expanding my intellectual thinking, but it’s my guilty pleasure. I could go online or on my iPhone app and pay the fee, but why would I do that when I can get it sent to my house each month, giving me something to look forward to in the mail. I get to see the pictures right in front of me and there are things printed in the magazine that are not printed online (such as the editors notes and other articles). I get to keep it on my nightstand or hide it away in a bin and keep it for however long I want it. Websites are always updating and I might not be able to find my favorite article again. There’s just something about having a printed version of my favorite article that makes it that much more special. 


Print Media

Coming from a public relations standpoint, I think that there is something much more real about print media. I love to hold it in my hand and not have the glare of a computer screen staring at me. I think the message of the advertisement or article is much more powerful when it is in print as opposed to online. I know I can store away a newspaper article for years, but with one virus of my computer, all my articles that I saved are gone. I’ve tried everything I can to start using web media more-I even bought myself an iPad. I use it occasionally but definitely have not gotten my money’s worth. Also, I have a smart phone with various apps that could take the place of any print article I might get. For example, I still get Instyle magazine in the mail. I have the option of buying the app on my iPhone, but it doesn’t have the same information that the magazine itself does. There’s also something about getting it once a month that really excites me and I begin to look forward to it when a new month starts. Call me old (although I’m only 22) but my eyes don’t always love looking at a computer screen to read the news. A printed article is much softer on my eyes and I can curl up on the couch and FOLD and BEND my newspaper or book to read it- something that I cannot do with web based articles or books. I’m not totally opposed to web based media, but I will forever be an advocate of print media!!


I completely understand that it is very hard to sell a lingerie product without showing a little skin. I am very old school in the fact that I think lingerie should only be sold on a rack in a store, not on a billboard. I’ve never been one to show my body and I don’t understand why so many women do. With that being said, I would completely change the way Victoria’s Secret markets their lingerie. The first thing I would do is cover those women up. I understand that many women want to know what a bra looks like, but the bra should FIT the model, not barely cover up their chest. Victoria’s Secret has been known for the quality of their clothing. From what I have heard it is actually very good stuff. I would promote this. There’s no way that anybody is looking at how beautiful the BRA is on the billboard. That is the LAST thing on men and women’s minds when they see a VS model in a window or on television. If the clothes are good, they will sell themselves and I would do everything I can not to exploit women’s bodies. It’s pretty sad that more men watch the VS Fashion show than women do. That tells me that something is very wrong and VS is sending the wrong message. It’s no longer about their clothing but about lust. It’s time to class is up, Vicki’s…


Victoria’s Secret is a company that is constantly pushing the boundaries. I’m choosing not to include a picture of a VS ad because I don’t want anyone to get offended because of how racy it is. For starters, I think these ads are very stereotypical and discriminatory. Every VS model is stick thin, with long flowing hair, and has perfect skin. Is that the norm? NOT! They also make it seem like if you wear their clothing, you will attract every man on the planet and you will look as good as the models do (not to mention these models starve themselves and probably work out 5 times a day). This is not how the average woman looks in her lingerie. If she does, then good for her. Never once have I seen a plus size woman modeling for Victoria’s Secret. There are many plus size woman who are just as beautiful as the VS models, but are frowned upon because they are carrying a little extra weight on them. This has always been an issue of mine. Thankfully, I’ve never dealt with weight issues, but I can’t imagine what a plus size person feels like when they walk by a VS poster. The models leave nothing to the imagination and basically flaunt all of their assets. When did our culture become so accepting of women being practically naked on TV and on billboards?

Cowboys and Indians



I really don’t think this article was properly edited at all. I understand that news articles online aren’t supposed to be in the same form as a school paper, but I can’t understand why there are caps between the most random sentences. There are way too many paragraphs, making it very hard to actually follow the flow of the paper. There is one sentence in the middle of the article that just stopped and a new paragraph is started with the word “but”. The “but” could have been added onto the sentence above, in front of a comma. There is no rhyme or reason to the sentence structure of this article. An article like this can be written in one long paragraph-almost like an essay. There is no need for a new paragraph every other line. This alone makes the article hard enough to read and turns myself, and I’m sure other readers, off. 

“One Last Second Chance, In Miami”


This above link is a sports article that I would define as good writing. The thing I like about this article is that it uses good grammar. The spelling is accurate and the punctuation is used when necessary. That in its self makes for a good article. There is nothing worse than an article with spelling and punctuation errors. It automatically becomes a bad article, even if the content might be worth reading. Anyways, aside from good grammar, this article pulls me in because it’s not just giving you tidbits from the football game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. The article tells a story. It pulls the reader in with nail biting plays and direct quotes, which makes the reader feel as though he/she was a part of the game. This article actually describes the feelings of the players and what they were going through on the field. The author uses words such as “jubilation”, and described certain players’ habits during their games. This article really helps the reader to understand the players and their attitudes towards the game they were playing. A good article will do that. It should suck me in so that I don’t have to ask “WHY?”. I’ll just know. 


Welcome to my blog everyone! I’ve had this blog for a while for a previous class at ESC. You are more than welcome to read my earlier posts but you might find them a bit random/confusing. 

I am constantly reading articles and seeing advertisements on the internet, yet somehow I was stumped at which “artifact” I would choose for this assignment. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks: the iPhone 5 came out today! Besides for face to face conversations, a phone is probably one of the best forms of communication. This is not just any ordinary phone, though. This device is “life changing”. Never has there been a phone as sleek and as well developed as the new iPhone. It is supposedly faster, clearer, has a longer battery life, and comes with an advanced pair of headphones (score!). 

I find it to be so interesting how communication devices have evolved in the past 10 years. At age 22, I can’t really say things like “back in the day”, but when it comes to cell phones, I feel like I am ancient and have been around for years. Not too long ago, the only mobile phone was in a car. My dad bought my mom a car phone, which came in a bulky case and had horrible reception. Then the brick cell phones came out. They weighed about 30 lbs and the cases they were stored in looked more like a suit case as opposed to the cell phone cases we are used to now. Eventually the mobile phones kept evolving for the better and they began to include things like text message, cameras, and internet. Never has there been a “smart phone” as advanced as the iPhone, though. This phone is taking the WORLD by storm and changing the way we communicate with others. Through the iPhone, we can now speak face to face through a crystal clear picture. Because of the speed of this phone, communicating is 10 times easier and more effective. Isn’t that the goal of communication? To become easier and more advanced? Personally, I think the iPhone has made communicating the easiest and I am confident they will continue to make communicating easier in the future.